Redistricting Committee Status

RELEASE: September 22, 2016 

Dear Community of Manchester, this message is to inform you that the Special Committee on Redistricting voted unanimously last night to suspend further action until a new superintendent has been chosen. It was the feeling of the current administration that redistricting is a tremendous opportunity that needs to be part of a larger vision for the district.

The subcommittee has collected an enormous amount of information district-wide and insight into stakeholder viewpoints that will help whoever comes in to lead this district understand the complexities of redistricting.

I would like to thank all those who helped provide information to the subcommittee, especially Dr. Livingston and Dr. Martin. I appreciate your kindness and unwavering patience. I am also very grateful to all those who engaged in the process during the last six months; district staff, board members and the community. I’d like to single out our Clerk, Maura Leahy, as her poise and guidance was invaluable to me.

Finally, I extend my gratitude to my committee for all their hard work and perserverance. I look forward to continuing the work we have started under the guidance of new leadership.

Best regards,
Leslie Want
Chair of the Special Committee on Redistricting